About Us

About Us

We see opportunities everywhere, while rejecting the status quo. Our faculty and students are driven by optimism which is an essential principle in the journey of making the world a better place to live. Optimism fueled us for every accomplishment, allowing us to redefine what’s possible, time after time. What inspires us to be the best in the world? The answer is optimism which become part of our DNA through years.
Optimism is the essence that enables us to push forward and redefine what’s best in the way of success. Optimism allows us to have a laser focus on education, research, and service; moreover it opens limitless horizons of opportunity to every student, expert, and professor fascinated by the power and beauty of science.
Armoring by optimism and awarding of our brilliant history, we can redefine our future. Our achievements and breakthroughs through a short period of time justify our optimism, because it’s calling us to build our extraordinary future upon our brilliant past.
Our goal is to be a pioneer in the field of technology and management around the world, persevering through impossibility, turning the futile into the attainable.

Our Principles

Our university is a research based institution that is rooted in its great mission of teaching, research and public service. Our community including undergraduate and graduate students, experts, and professors are committed to discovery and innovation, creative and collaborative achievements, debate and critical inquiry, in an open and inclusive environment. To do so, we set some principles that serve as a guide for our personal and collective behavior.

These principles are:
  • We believe that modern societies seek to promote awareness and understanding through education and research, so that’s our mission to fulfill those criteria.
  • We acknowledge that diversity is a critical factor for excellence in all of our endeavors.
  • We seek to foster open-mindedness, understanding, compassion and inclusiveness among individuals and groups.
  • We are committed to ensuring freedom of expression and dialogue, in a respectful and civil manner, on the spectrum of views held by our varied and diverse campus communities.
  • We value differences as well as commonalities and promote respect in personal interactions.
  • We affirm our responsibility for creating and fostering a respectful, cooperative, equitable and civil campus environment for our diverse campus communities.
  • We strive to build a community of learning and fairness marked by mutual respect.
  • We do not tolerate acts of discrimination, harassment, profiling or other conduct causing harm to individuals on the basis of expression of race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religious beliefs, political preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship or national origin, among other personal characteristics. Such conduct violates UCLA’s Principles of Community and may result in imposition of sanctions according to campus policies governing the conduct of students, staff and faculty.

Our Mission

As a research based university, our primary purpose is creation, dissemination, preservation and application of knowledge. In order to meet our mission, we committed ourselves to academic freedom in its fullest terms. Our values include open access to information, freedom from intolerance, and lively and free debate between our community. We strive for excellence and diversity, knowing that openness and inclusion brings true quality.

Our undergraduate, graduate and professional school students and their teachers belong to a community of scholars. Members of our scientific community are engaged in discovering and advancing knowledge and practice. One of our great achievements is that learning in our university occurs not only in classrooms, but also through engagement in campus life and in communities and organizations beyond the university.


As a research based university, we believe that discovery, creativity and innovation are keywords of true success; therefore, we committed ourselves to ensuring excellence across a wide range of disciplines, professions and arts while also encouraging investigation across disciplinary boundaries.

As a public university, civic engagement is essential to our mission. In addition, we try to reach beyond campus boundaries in order to establish partnerships locally and globally.